Atlantic Sunset 2004

Once spending a few winter weeks on Gran Canaria, I rigged my then-new 3CCD Panasonic DV camera and recorded the final phase of the sunset. The recording was done on the 17th of December 2004 at 18:04.

This five and a half minute video clip just begged to be timelapsed, which I did at 20x of the initial speed, in the process increasing the frame rate to 50fps.

The result can be downloaded directly or viewed in lower quality below.

Battlefield 2 video collage

Two years ago, at the end of October 2009 (oh, my, does the time really fly that quickly?) we had one of our gaming events at work. That time I ran the BF2 server with demo recording for BattleRecorder enabled.

The gaming itself was, as usual, fun and intense and reviewing the game recordings added an extra layer of amusement. One map stood out with some rather nifty events, which just begged to be turned into a film.

After some fiddling with BattleDirector and scripting of two distinct camera views, I then remastered the battle into a 3 minute and 34 second long video clip using CyberLink PowerDirector. It is set to the music from Half-Life 2 Episode 2, “Hunting Party”.

The result can be viewed below or downloaded in 720p resolution.

Video projects


This site is dedicated to some of my video projects, most notably post-processing of the long-haul TV programs by NRK:

I will also add some of my other, lesser, projects as individual posts at a later point.