Hurtigruten 25x

NB! Download links are no longer available, but are left in the article for the historic reasons. If you are interested in a copy, please reach out to me in comments or by e-mail.

Hurtigruten Second by Second

After the success of the 7-hour long TV broadcast from Bergensbanen, The Norwegian Broadcasting Company NRK ran, in the summer of 2011, the longest live TV broadcast in Norwegian history: The complete five and a half days long journey of Hurtigruten from Bergen, along the Norwegian coast and all the way up to Kirkenes in the North.

What if you could watch the whole long journey in “just” 4 hours and 24 minutes? Now you can, thanks to NRK’s publication of the bow camera view under the Creative Commons license.

“Hurtigruten” – NRK

I have created a timelapse of the camera source, published by NRK. The timelapse runs at 25x of the normal speed, taking one frame from each second of the journey – thus the name of the work. The departure from each port and the next point of destinations are marked in the film by hardsubs.

Following is a 3 minute and 20 second preview of the voyage:


The timelapse is available in the following four versions. Each version is split into multiple 500MB-large WinRAR archives for ease of download and verification.

Image Copyright © NRK, 2011

For MKV file viewing I would recommend using VLC media player with Shark007 codec pack.

For those interested, here are the AviSynth scripts and chapter file, used in production of these timelapses.

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