Flåmsbanen in 2D & 3D 10x

NB! Download links are no longer available, but are left in the article for the historic reasons. If you are interested in a copy, please reach out to me in comments or by e-mail.

Bergensbanen Minute by Minute set a trend for a series of shorter real-time railway ride recordings, performed by NRK staff.

Flåmsbanen is a short railway branching from Bergensbanen, starting at 866 meters above sea level in Myrdal and ending in Flåm, just 2 meters above sea level. The trip offers some spectacular mountain views.

The camera recordings from the trip with Flåmsbanen were published by NRK under the Creative Commons license.

“Flåmsbanen” – NRK

I have created timelapses of the trip in at 10x of its normal speed. It can either be downloaded in multiple versions below or viewed directly from my site. Each version is archived with WinRAR for ease of download and verification.

Anaglyph 3D

NRK published the first part of the journey, excluding tunnels as two separate video sources from left- and right-eye cameras. Using those, I have created a red-cyan anaglyph version using an excellent optimised anaglyph plug-in for AviSynth by Gabor Kertai.

NRK Programme

The complete journey takes 57 minutes with all the vistas, stops and tunnels (and, sometimes, stops within tunnels). This timelapse will let you descend 864 meters in just under 6 minutes

  • Low-res/iPhone (83MB, MP4, 640×360, 50fps, 2000kbps)
    [10x version]

  • 720p (165MB, MP4, 1280×720, 50fps, 4000kbps)
    [10x version]

  • 1080p (252MB, MP4, 1920×1080, 50fps, 6113kbps)
    [10x version]

For those interested, here are the AviSynth scripts, used in production of these timelapses.

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